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Calle de la Virgen

“…Cualquier cosa es un camino entre cantidades de caminos. Por eso debes tener siempre presente que un camino es sólo un camino. Si sientes que no deberías seguirlo, no debes seguir en él bajo ninguna condición. Para tener esa claridad debes llevar una vida disciplinada.Sólo entonces sabrás que un camino es nada más un camino, y no hay afrenta, ni para ti ni para otros, en dejarlo si eso es lo que tu corazón te dice.
Pero tu decisión de seguir en el camino o de dejarlo debe estar libre de miedo y de ambición. (…)

Mira cada camino de cerca y con intención. Pruébalo tantas veces como consideres necesario.

Luego hazte a ti mismo, y a ti solo, una pregunta: ¿Tiene corazón este camino?

  • Carlos Castaneda

Dress- Linnea Ibiza

Complements- Ahh Nells by Sonia

Ph. Credits

Bernard Domalain

Love is in the air

How many personalities do we have, how many of these we show and how many do we hide because they belong to our intimacy? Often we wear masks that protect our fragility, our inner innocent life, often unknowingly wounded.

if we try to clarify everything, we will find again the smile and the amazement of a child.

Today I played with a mask in this beautiful wedding dress by Linnea Ibiza with accessories by Ahh Nells by Sonia.

I hope you like them.



Quante personalità abbiamo, quante di queste mostriamo e quante ne nascondiamo perchè appartengono a una nostra intimità? Spesso indossiamo maschere che proteggono la nostra fragilità, quella nostra vita interiore innocente e spesso ferita inconsapevolmente.

Cerchiamo di fare chiarezza su tutto ciò e ritrovare il sorriso e lo stupore di un bambino.

Oggi ho giocato con una maschera in questo bellissimo abito da sposa di Linnea Ibiza con accessori di Ahh Nells by Sonia.

Spero vi piacciano.



No one can lie,

no one can hide anything,

when he looks directly into someone’s eyes.

Paulo Coelho 

Dress- Linnea Ibiza

Complements- Ahh Nells by Sonia

Ph. Credits

Bernard Domalain


The Sound of the Sea

You will think the life of a blogger is always going around, being invited to parties and events and having an amazing social life . The truth is that this is only one aspect of life, a 10% of a total where there is so much work, emotions, feelings that you can see in the social media.

In reality, what I love the most is finding myself in the tranquility of a small beach, listening to nature, the sea and the silence. Take some moments for me to meditate and be able to feel the strong connection with the universe. Ibiza is truly a special place.

So even when I go to take pictures I like to choose those places that touch my soul, that make me feel good and that allow me to do my work in harmony.

For today’s shooting it was like that and happy to wear the sweet and feminine dress by Hippy Chick Ibiza.

I hope you like the photos.

A hug,