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Tanit Dreams Festival 2017

Hello Ibiza Lover!

Today I want to share with you a magical event I will join from 9th to 12th of November and I’m already looking forward for it!!

Tanit Dreams Festival” is a creative festival for women made by women where you can join a lot of different workshops about meditation, art, health and other different practices.

This year is the second edition in the magic island of Ibiza and it will take place in the nature to have the right space to find the women’s power through art and healing exercises.

The festival will be a different kind of holiday to find yourself and your real soul.

“Negative, Positive…Integral”

We did a very nice photoshoot to represent the different archetypes and I was very happy to meet such a beautiful group of powerful women from all over the world: Spain, Argentina, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico and China!!

“Pure Nature”

“To be the sword and the hand that contains the vision of a dream awake”

” Galactically Cheerful”

It’s only for 25 women…Don’t miss it and join us!!!

More info: 

Email: tanitdreams@gmail.com 


Special price for Ibiza residents