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Back to Boho

Back in one of my beloved places in the island!!!

Here I started 5 years ago with my blog thanks to my firends of Vintage Market Ibiza who pushed me to do it!!

If you want to know where it is write me an email and I will tell you the secret!!

Today the look is 100% BOHO with my favourite brands on the island: check at the end!!

Many kisses


Questo è uno dei miei luoghi segreti preferiti sull’ isola e soprattutto il posto dove ho iniziato a fare foto per il mio blog nel 2014 spinta ed esortata dai miei amici di Vintage Market Ibiza: quanti ricordi!!

Oggi il look è 100% BOHO ed indosso i miei brand preferiti che potete vedere alla fine di questo post.

Spero che ti piaccia.

Baci e abbracci,



Faux fur jacket- Linnea Ibiza

Hat- Ibiza Ca Patch Os

Boots- Karma of Charme

Ph. Credits

Bernard Domalain

Honrando la naturaleza

Welcome Autumn!

Every blossom wants to fruit

Every morning wants to be evening,

Eternal is not on earth As the change,

as the escape.

Even the most beautiful summer wants

Once autumn and wilting feel.

Hold, leaf, patiently,

If the wind wants to kidnap you.

Play your game and do not fight back,

Let it quitly happen.

Let the wind that breaks you,

Blow you home.

Withered leaf- Herman Hesse

Dress- Aurobelle Ibiza

Ph. Credits

Bernard Domalain